Lateral Spread Technology

Mountain View Seeds announces the LS™ research program. LS™ or Lateral Spread Technology, is the term MVS applies to the process of seeking turf grass with greater potential for increased stand density, particularly under stress, and self recuperation from traffic, thinning, or injury.

Although greatly improved over the last 3 decades, most turf grass is basically a bunchgrass species exhibiting growth patterns that are more vertical than lateral. Individual selections however vary greatly in their ability to generate shoots or tillers which enhance plant density. On occasion, these selections have also been observed to create rhizomes, which similar to bluegrass, form distinct new plants adjacent to the mother plant, again increasing stand density and hastening recuperation.

Mountain View Seeds, collaborating with both public and private breeders, has culled through thousands of individual collections, selecting for these expressions, and combining the most promising plants under cycles of recurrent selection, to create cultivars that, in addition to excellent appearance and disease resistance, show increased tendency to ‘fill-in’ newly seeded areas as well as areas thinned by wear and environmental conditions.

Tilth Pro NitroRadish

Tilth Pro NitroRadish is an Oregon grown Daikon Radish used for fall/winter cover crop. It provides many helpful benefits to the grower, the soil, and the environment. It germinates and grows quickly; has a large, deep penetrating tap root; dies over the winter (in cold climates); decomposes quickly; has high nutrient content, d contains bio-active plant chemicals. It has the ability to recycle nutrients which will improve your soil quality and economic crop production.